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Digital Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait
My name is Antonio "Mabelma" Rodriguez. I am a freelance artist determined to bring his clients the best possible pieces of art he can. I have worked with around 15 people so far and each has loved my work. I an amateur animator but I am very skilled in flash vector art. I love people so if you come across the website and want to talk about something just drop me a line. I have a passion for movies and I plan to one day make the art for one until that day I am working on collaboration with a friend of mine who wants to be a movie director, his name is Dexide. Hope you like my work and that you become my next employer.


Autodesk 3ds Max 
Adobe Photoshop
Graphics Gale
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Colored Pencils
many more...


Concept Art
Vector Illustrations
Mascot Design
Character Design
Web Design
many more..

Past Employers:

Meman32 = Flash Programmer
Harack= Flash Programmer
Karrot= Flash Programmer
Azuana= Flash Programmer
ArcadeFood= Website Owner
SmallzWorld= Website Owner and Flash Programmer
Our Reviews
"A most interesting site, I love the cartoons, Well Done."

"Nice website. I like the gallery. Site content and navigation are great. The loading is OK. The drawings are awesome! Keep doing the great job."

Juan Felipe
"I really like the clean lines and no fuss approach to your site. It is clearly all about the art! Navigation is easy and presentation is quietly simple. The art itself is edgy, colorful, and serious fun. I really love your art and appreciate your talent. Nice site, eye catching art! Best wishes. "

"Hey mate! I looked at your site, the layout is very simplistic, minimal and good. Its very easy to follow and navigate. And it is very easy on the eye. I took a look at your art category and I really like your character drawings! Keep it up!"

"Your digital work is very nice. I enjoyed visiting your site and keep up the good work."

Martha E.
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